We can alleviate your heel pain with just one treatment

We are the exclusive providers for the one treatment that can eliminate heel pain within 2-3 weeks, without surgery.  We are so confident the treatment will work, that we offer to repeat the treatment for free if you are not improved within 6 weeks.


For the last 10 years, Dr. Rockmore has been able to alleviate heel pain without surgery with just one treatment.  This powerful treatment, related to radiofrequency ablation for spine pain, does not require any cutting, no surgery.

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This treatment is not well known because 1) the equipment is expensive and not readily available, 2)  there is a steep learning curve for this procedure, so mastering it may take some time.


Here is what you need to do to aleviate your heel pain fast:

1.  Schedule a consultation with Dr. Rockmore in either Hamilton (609) 585-0500 or Summit (908) 273-0056 

2.  Schedule the treatment.

3.  Remove the band-aid the day after treatment

4.  Return to normal activities


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Frequently asked questions:

1.  Is this procedure covered by my insurance?

Answer.  Some insurances cover this treatment, it depends on your plan.  If it is not covered it can be paid with a health savings account or flex spending account.  If it is not covered, the fee for this service is approximately $500.


2.  Do I need to rest more than 24 hours after the treatment?

Answer.  No.  You can resume moderate activity the following day


3.  Is this treatment painful?

Answer.  Pain is not typically an issue for most patients.  Most patients receive the treatment with just local anesthsia.  The heel may be sore for a day or more.


4.  Is only one treatment required?

Answer.  Yes, in most cases.   Pain decreases the following 14 days or more.  Rarely, the procedure is repeated if symptoms persist more than 6 weeks. 

5.  What is the success rate? 

Answer.  The success rate is approximately 90%.  There are several published studies that demonstrate this. 

6.  Do you guarantee it will work? 

Answer.  At your consultation, after a thorough examination, Dr. Rockmore will determine if you are a good candidate.   We are so very confident that this will work for you that if you still have a significant amount of heel pain 6 weeks after the treatment, Dr. Rockmore will waive his fee for a 2nd ablation to be performed within the following month.


Testimonials from Heel Pain Radiofrequency Treatment:

Thank you Dr. Rockmore!  My heel pain is gone from your procedure!

- Lucius B

treated April 2014


My heel pain was so bad.  Thank you for helping me without surgery.

- Donald J

treated August 2015


The procedure took my pain away within 2 weeks.  I would do it again if my other foot got bad.

- Kim R

treated May 2016