Fibular Tunnel Syndrome and Peroneal Nerve Palsy



Your Symptoms Are:

  • Pain or numbness or tingling or buzzing sensations from your leg  to the top of  your foot/toes.
  • Sometimes the outside of your ankle or top of your foot hurts.  In severe cases, your big toe does not lift up.
  • You feel like your leg is going to “give out” on you.  In severe cases you cannot lift up your foot, or your toes, so your foot drags.


Why does this happen?

    Surgery complications, injury (ankle sprain/fracture, knee injury), excessive leg crossing, weight loss surgery, diabetes, any many other causes.


When to Consider the Decompression Treatment: 

  • If the symptoms continue past three months, it means the injury is serious and  the nerve may need to be decompressed.
  • EMG/NCV shows that the muscles lost nerve supply, then you need to consider to have surgery.
  • If neurosensory testing with the Pressure-Specified Sensory Device™  does not show that the nerve is regenerating, then surgery may be needed.


What is the Nerve Decompression Surgery (a.k.a. Neurolysis)?

  • The surgery takes about forty five minutes for a decompression.
  • The surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure.
  • General anesthesia is used.
  • The structures that compress the common peroneal nerve are released, including the fascia that covers the muscles, fibrous bands deep to the muscles, and the opening into the muscle compartment is opened.
  • You can walk immediately after the surgery.